This woman never pays for her food shopping

Earlier this month, we brought information on Kerenza Richards who bought £400 worth of Christmas shopping for just £6.

Now we have found someone who has gone one better.

A woman from Birmingham has done something we all wish we could do: she never pays for her food shop.

Cal Holder, 40, has turned the art of couponing int an art form with her immense saving, claiming she has even made money from it.

Couponing can be a laborious task that we don't have the energy for, but the benefits cannot be argued. Cal has left her job and taken it up full-time because it is that beneficial.

Since then she has set up a couponing page, called 'Total Couponery' where she gives tips as well as warnings to potential scams.

But when it comes to grocery shopping, no one comes close to her.

This time last year, her couponing paid for everything: Christmas, New Year and a lot of December which would have amounted to approximately £485.

She does it by earning cashback deals on the items she buys. For example, she bought cut-price selection boxes at Christmas for £1 each but earned £2 back on each from cashback sites and apps.

While the benefits are incredible, the process can be tough. Cal wakes up at 4:30am every day (that's about the time you guys stumble in with beer on your top and vomit on your shoes) to sift through the newspapers to find the best deals.

She even does a thing called 'Wombling' in which she goes to supermarkets during rush hour because that is when customers are more likely to leave their receipts in their baskets or trollies, and these receipts could have a freebie or a deal on them.

Over the past year, she has earned £960 by picking up other people’s forgotten receipts.

This is some tenacity, and fair play if it pays the way.