This woman gets 50 angry messages per day from strangers, just because of her name

This woman has received daily angry and confused messages from strangers for the past two years, just because her name is Casey Baumer.

Casey says she receives between 40 and 50 messages a day from confused people who think she's made a CV on their computer, and angry wives who think their husbands are having an affair.

All because Google Docs uses her "Casey Baumer" as the default name on their word processor app, e.g. on the CV template.

Every day, dozens of people track her down on Facebook to tell her how awful she is. A typical message accuses her of hacking into her Google doc and using it to make a CV.

She hasn't done this. Casey Baumer is just the default name on all of Google Docs, including the CV template. She gets a lot of this. Some people are more polite about it.

Others aren't.


She gets a lot of confused messages from people who have tracked her down to ask why the hell she's been tampering with their documents.

And others who accuse her of having affairs.

Affairs that for some reason include sitting down and making a Google Doc together. You know, just to make the affair untraceable.

She gets this a lot.

But mainly, she gets this...

And she's patient about it. Bizarrely, she replies to a lot of them to clear up the confusion. But sometimes, she gets annoyed.


Casey, finally sick of it and unable to get Google to listen to her, took to Facebook to try and make the madness stop.

Within a few weeks, Google agreed that from now on the default name will be "Your Name". Which is all well and good for Casey, but Mr Your Name is going to be f*cking furious.

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