This website is recruiting gingers for a very specific reason

Gingers have had a bit of a hard time in general, what with being told they don't have souls and that they look like carrot tops.

It turns out, though, that now they're actually pretty in-demand, as a sperm donation site begs for more flame-haired volunteers.

Service Co-ParentMatch have seen a huge rush in women looking to have red-head babies, and the demand in terms of donors just hasn't matched up.

As long as you're a healthy man over 18 you can register on their site and see if there's a wannabe parent who's looking for what you're offering.

The particular interest in ginger donors may come as a result of celebs like Rupert Grint and Ed Sheeran choosing to keep their vibrant locks, as apparently searches on their site for 'ginger sperm donor' have skyrocketed.

Only 2% of donors at the moment have red hair, but hopefully the handy infographic they're sharing will prompt more people to get on board.

We're not sure what home insemination means (turkey baster?) but there are plenty of ways to sow your seed and keep the ginger race going.