This video supposedly cures procrastination FOR LIFE. If you ever get around to watching it.

This video is by the world's leading professor on procrastination. He claims that if you want to stop procrastinating (for LIFE) all you need to do is watch it. Once.

It'll take one hour of your time, and let's face it you'll never get around to watching it, even though you have the spare time and it's right here below this sentence.

His video has just gone viral on procrastination station Reddit, and a lot of users swear they have stopped procrastinating now after watching his videos or reading one of his books.

"His book about procrastination literally changed my life, from chronic procrastinator I went to be controlled procrastinator. If I had to say in one sentence what I got from the book is that I do not not have to do it well, I do not have even to finish it, I just have to start it. Maybe I cannot do it but I know I can gather the effort to start it. That small change had a huge effect on my life. I still procrastinate but much less."

But you still won't get around to watching the video, will you? Well, you're in good company. Just about everyone is commenting the same thing on Reddit:

"An hour? Maybe later."
"Every time this pops up, I think "oh yeah, save this for later."
"Jokes on you, I procrastinated watching this video"

"OMFG I get it reddit, you're going to watch it later because it's a joke on procrastinating. It wasn't really funny the first time someone posted that it didn't get better the next 158 times. Holy fucking shit I've never seen a joke get beat to death so fast."

Except for this one guy who did watch this, to get out of writing an essay.


If you'd like the short version, which definitely WON'T cure your procrastination,

  • You procrastinate because it feels good.
  • Procrastination is between intention and action
  • Break down the task to smaller bits. (If you say I'm going to do my paper - your not. If you say I'm going to write the... Chapter about... Including... - you will do it.)
  • Move from goal I tensions to implementations intentions
  • Be aware of your self deception

Also watch the last 3 minutes of the video for a summary. Which, again, won't cure your procrastination. In order to cure it, you're going to have to watch the whole video. Eurgh.