This teacher just lived every science students' worst fear

A science teacher has lived every science students' worst fear, saying the word "orgasm" instead of "organism" in front of the whole class.

The teacher uploaded pictures of herself sitting in her car looking regretful after the incident, with the caption:

"Today I said orgasm instead of organism. In front of 30 13 year olds."

Something every 13 year old student fears.

"We all have orgasms inside of us." - Teacher, probably

After admitting her mistake on Imgur, other teachers admitted they too had slipped up:

"I once image searched 'horse legs' in front of a 3D modelling classroom of 15 students, and got horses with giant penises on the projector," one teacher said.

Another admitted they specifically said the word sperm.

"I had to teach during my PhD. I had to say 'firm specific' a bunch of times, and of course stumbled and said 'sperm specific'..."

Whilst a music teacher created a whole new sexuality for their class...

"I announced that it was time for 'band sexuals' instead of 'band sectionals' in front of a group of sixth graders."

Yep, accidentally saying sex stuff appears to be a nightmare part of the job for a lot of teachers. But also DVD shop clerks, who keeps on accidentally saying dicks:

"I work in a dvd store, I say 'let me get those dicks out' instead of 'let me get those discs out' at least once a month."

The biology teacher who said orgasm appears to be devastated by her own spoonerism, but as one imgur user put it:

"¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Lets face it, if its middle school they probably weren't listening anyway."