This supermarket will be the first to pay the 'tampon tax' itself

The tampon tax is the much-debated levy on period products that has all women annoyed af.

They tax currently applies to tampons, sanitary towels, and panty liners, and adds 5% to the price, as they're believed to be a 'luxury item'.

Sure feels luxurious bleeding for a quarter of the year!

But, thankfully a British supermarket - Tesco - has come to our rescue, by announcing they're going to start paying the VAT themselves and passing the savings on to customers.

This is effective immediately, and will apply to all sanitary products that aren't on promotion.

Major props to Tesco, as women can spend hundreds on these products every year, with packs going up to £3.30 depending on the brand.

You could already claim back points on your tampon tax from Superdrug, which was one step in the right direction. Hopefully, the government will abolish the tax altogether ASAP.