This student spent £100 on a chip (from McDonalds)

A 19-year-old from Cardiff has ended up spending £100 on a chip she shared with a pigeon.

Lauren-Paige Smith bought a McDonalds in Swansea in July. Shortly afterwards, whilst eating her meal outside, Lauren saw a passing pigeon. Being the generous sort, she gave the pigeon one of her precious chips.

Unfortunately, a council worker spotted her dropping the chip on the floor and gave her a £25 fine, despite the fact that the pigeon necked the whole chip.

She is now being taken to court, and faces a whopping £100 fine for giving the chip to the pigeon.

Lauren refused to pay the initial fine. As she thought the pigeon had eaten the whole chip, it technically doesn't count as littering.

Lauren's grandad told SWNS that the whole thing was ridiculous:

“It’s madness. This is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money. Anybody with an ounce of sense would realise this is ridiculous."

On the bright side, Lauren the chip-feeding non-litter-lout has become nationally famous.

She is a hero to pigeon fanciers, and has been asked to appear on ITV news to talk about the chipcident, whilst others have been advising her on bird law.

Lauren intends to fight her fine. We recommend expert in bird law, Charlie Kelly.

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