This Scottish boy dressed up as his mum in an attempt to buy alcohol

A boy has successfully purchased a massive bottle of vodka and an even bigger bottle of MD 20/20 after dressing up as his mum and using her ID.

The boy, from Scotland, in a desperate attempt to buy alcohol whilst under 18, dressed up in his mum's clothes and headed to the local off-license to purchase the drinks.

Here is the ID he was attempting to look like:

Knowing it's pretty difficult to look like a 40ish-year-old woman, even if there is a familial resemblance, the boy took the "hide most of my face and pray to Christ they don't ask me to take my glasses off" route when choosing his disguise.

What he actually ended up wearing was fairly convincing, if a tad Norman Batesy.

For some reason after going to all the effort of raiding his mum's cupboards and wearing all her clothes, he neglected to take off his extremely manly watch.

Nevertheless, he headed to the shops to pick up some questionable drink choices. Perhaps he only bought the 20/20 as an extra proof that he was, in fact, a 40something year-old woman.

A few minutes later he was apparently successful in his purchases.

The pictures of his successful shopping trip were shared by The Glasgow Gospel, where everything from his plan to his drink choices have been ripped apart by Facebook users.

Many people thought he was just using the "buying alcohol" thing as an excuse for why he was dressed as his mum, whilst Paul Mason suggested he's "gony get his c*nt kicked in by his maw when she finds out lol".

Whatever your opinion, his trip was a success. Until his mum notices her clothes have been warned, and the family sits down for a chat.