This puppet has been sending d*ck pics to strangers.

This puppet has been sending d*ck pics to strangers and we're not sure whether to blur the photos.

Lux the Puppet has been direct messaging people on twitter, sending the puppet equivalent of dick pics.

This is Lux.

This is how Lux describes himself, and his public photos.

But there's another side to Lux. A creepier side. He likes to DM people images of his puppety P. We're not sure whether to blur this. Here you go.

Flux sent the pictures to twitter user Paris. He's been described as possibly the cutest sex offender that's ever DM'd anybody, and the pics have since gone viral.

Other people suggesting what she should send back as a response.

And just generally asking what the f*ck. Because honestly, what the actual f*ck?

So many questions.

Lux continues to send picture of his puppet parts to people on the internet, and is a self-described "pervert with a heart of gold".

Several other strangers have since received follow requests, and he is sure to strike again.