This person's dream had This Morning viewers freaking out

It's quite a treat getting the day off to watch the trifecta of Daytime TV glory - Jeremy Kyle, This Morning, and Loose Women.

The stuff you see on these shows is always pretty hilarious, but the phone-ins with the audience are their crowning glory. This one about dreams had people in stitches.

Poor Lynn just wanted her chicken dreams analysed, but Ruth and Eamonn couldn't stop laughing, especially when she started talking about fireballs coming out of chicken's bums.

The Twittersphere had some questions.

Luckily it all worked out fine for Lynn, who found out the chickens were actually a representation of her courage, and them shooting at her just meant she was holding herself back.

Hmmm, maybe that's enough daytime TV for one day, but Eamonn and Ruth's faces will live on in our heart's forever.