This mum's dramatic Snapchat overreaction is amazing

20 year old Chantie got her belly button pierced without her telling her mum, her mum found out and wasn't happy about it, this is a situation I feel like we've all experienced in one way or another.

But what her mum decided to post on Snapchat next was seriously overdramatic.

Now, if you're lucky then your parents barely know what social media is, or, they're on a Facebook a bit sharing some cringy memes, but never in a million years would you expect them to be rocking a dog filter on Snapchat. However, Chantie's mum has mastered the classic art of sub-snapping and has used it to vent her anger at her daughter's unauthorised body modification.

Her tweet went viral and she started being flooded with other stories of disappointed mothers.

Now lets study these incredible snaps.

You know you've upset your mother when she says something like this (at least she didn't say she wished you were never born, Chantie).


This is a text nobody wants to receive:

I'd be expecting a stern talking to at your next family dinner :').

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