This mother manages to feed her family for just £1 A DAY!

A mother from London has managed to feed her family on a budget of just £1, and now she wants to pass her tips on to you.

Jane Ashley, 47, was originally set the challenge by charity 'Live Below the Line' to raise awareness of people living in poverty.

She claimed that she used to be able to leave the supermarket with around £150 worth of shopping, but has now learned how to be more frugal and yet still eat well.

Jane has managed to continue feeding her family of four for just £35 per week.

Jane has started a blog, and it includes an incredible array of recipes, shopping lists and tips to eat well without spending ridiculous amounts.

It even has recipes for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets. And ideas for holidays and events such as Christmas and Halloween.

Here is her weekly shop as part of the challenge:

With this amount, she managed to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for her whole family.

Here is just one meal she made with those ingredients:

For more of this, head over to her blog.