This might just be the worst Daily Mail article we've ever read

The Daily Mail are a funny old publication.

Banned as a source on Wikipedia, and the subject of various parody accounts for their epically bad takes. But some really transcend the word bad, into a nuclear level of fuckery.

Like this article.

To summarise, these men think that there are no good women left, as all they do is drink, want money, and try to have sex on the first date. They also said women were bitter, angry, and jealous. They've since joined a movement called MGTOW (men going their own way) where they choose to be single to avoid these terrible women.

Who are these handsome bachelors you ask?

Who are these gorgeous adonises that women are desperate to sleep with at any cost?

Well, feast your eyes.

I know, dear readers, that you're struggling with your desire right now. But wait until you've heard some of their more choice quotes.

‘Since my marriage, I have been celibate because I can’t find a nice woman.’
‘Some women have asked me to sleep with them on the first night. They get drunk and wear very revealing clothes, too. I think women who do this don’t respect themselves, and I can’t respect them, either.’
‘I think women don’t want nice men like me. They want bad boys,’

Oh lads. I'm starting to think it's not their blinding attractiveness, kindness, and wealth that's keeping them single. Maybe, just maybe, it's their attitude towards women?

Twitter was roasting these guys, as expected.

So, looks like their single life is going to continue, and they'll have all the time in the world to sit quietly and think about why nobody loves them.

Too harsh? Maybe. But what do I know? I'm just a bitter, angry woman.