This man interviews himself 38 years in the future

38 years ago, in 1977, Peter “Stoney” Emshwiller sat in front of a camera and decided to interview his future self. He recorded probing questions for his future self to answer when he got much, much older. The idea was to create a time-travel chat show, collaborating with his future self, assuming he was still into that sort of thing.

Instead of asking "how can I prevent 9/11" or "what are the lottery numbers for the next 37 years" he asked a lot of personal questions. What did you do with your life? Did you make it?

38 years later, now aged 56, Peter sat down to answer his younger self's questions. The trailer for the (as yet unfinished) project is below. It's funny stuff.

Later That Same Life

Emshwiller plans to turn the full interview into a movie called Later That Same Life, which is currently looking for funding online. We hope it gets made. From the trailer it looks to be a really interesting (and amusing) look at how you change over age.

"Dogs don't live that long..."

Emshwiller isn't the first to interview himself in the future. Here's an interview between a 12 year old, for want of a better word, idiot, and his 32 year old adult self. It doesn't disappoint.

If you were going to interview yourself 38 years in the future, what would you ask yourself? Let us know below...