This man ghosted his girlfriend and just found out she's his new boss

If you don't know what ghosting is, where have you been for the last few years?

For those of you who've been hiding under a rock (or in a long-term relationship) it's the process where you basically cut yourself out of someone's life.

It's not a new concept, but has definitely gained popularity since the rise of social media. It's easier than ever before to hit that block button and remove all trace of your dodgy ex.

BUT, here's a word of warning to you heartless ghosters. You might just get haunted. That's what happened to this man, who sent his message into the Ask a Manager advice page.

It's a long read, but don't worry, we've summarised the main points for you:

  • Guy has girlfriend (Sylvia) for THREE YEARS - and he LIVES WITH HER.
  • He decides he doesn't want to be with her anymore.
  • When she's on holiday he packs his bags. No note, nothing.
  • They both move on, and he starts working at an international school.
  • He gets word his new boss is starting.
  • Realises it's Sylvia.

Here it is in its entirety for those of you who want to feel way too much pain for this early in the morning.

Thankfully, Alison the managerial agony aunt has some stern words for the writer. She says she's not too sure this is salvageable, and that while she always advises being professional, she doesn't think poor Sylvia should have to go through managing this guy.

Alison also rightly states that any apologies he makes now will seem completely hollow, as he's only doing it now that she's his boss. The commenters weren't too happy with him either.

Yup, we're firmly team Sylvia on this one mate.

In the words of DJ Khaled...