Everybody is sharing this one reason why Michael Gove will never become Prime Minister

Remember the precise moment when it became clear Ed Miliband wasn't going to become Prime Minister?

It wasn't election night. It wasn't during the polling season either (everyone pretended they were going to vote Labour for some reason at that point - to screw around with pollsters).

No, it was the very moment he attempted to eat a bacon sandwich:

Well, now everybody has realised that Michael Gove has no chance of becoming Prime Minister either, because he drinks water like an alien who's learned how to drink from a goldfish with collagen injections:

People have been quick to point out that he looks like an alien who has no idea how human bodies or glasses work.

Far from home...

With poor intelligence on the human species...

Here's a closer look.

But if none of this is enough to convince you that he's from outer-space and thus would seek to enslave us to the martians when he takes power, take a look at how he walks.

And claps...

This man is not the future Prime Minister of the UK. This lady is.

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