This is the WEIRDEST office perk in the world

Workplace perks are usually pretty mundane. From a coffee machine that looks like it's from the 1970s, to cringey 'casual Fridays', they're nothing to shout about.

But one office in Wisconsin has developed an incredibly unusual workplace 'perk' that sounds like something straight out of a Black Mirror episode.

Technology company Three Square Market have begun offering their employees the opportunity to have microchips implanted into their hands that can then be scanned to purchase food and use office equipment.

The company explained the process like so:

So far 50 keen employees have opted to have the procedure. The company released a statement that sounded very much like it was from the future, saying that the chip could be inserted via Radio-Frequency Identification technology in a matter of seconds.

Whilst it might be useful for all those times you forget to bring change for the vending machine, or leave your keys at home in a rush to get to work, many people think the chip is a step in a very creepy direction.

Parallels have already been drawn to the Black Mirror episode 'The Entire History of You', where people have implants inserted into their ears, recording their every move to be watched back whenever:

Twitter users don't seem too keen on the idea, either:

Some have also raised some important issues... like what happens when you call your boss to pull a sicky to go and see Coldplay, and your boss turns round and says 'well your microchip location says you're at the Wembley arena'... awkward.

Hmm, we're really not sure how we feel about this 'perk', we think we might stick to our crappy coffee machine and casual Fridays for now.

What do you guys think?