This is the only wingman you’ll need at uni

Wingmen can be unreliable creatures at the best of times. All that hangs in the balance is a jagerbomb or two, and suddenly you're flying solo.

There's also the chance that your wingman will do too well, and your potential new bae will be far too enamoured with them to even glance over at you.

Not to mention the fact that you might be a few jars down yourself, and you can't even trust your friend to help you with quality control in a dark pub.

Since we're now well past the days of having to meet people IRL, though (soooo last decade) it's time to upgrade your wingman.

That's where Badoo comes in. It's a dating app that's firmly in the future, and will get you cuffed for winter in no time.

Forget scouting the club for anyone you're slightly attracted to, it'll give you the chance to view people nearby, or those you've bumped into. Since it's the biggest dating platform in the world (with over 360 million users) you should have no trouble finding someone suitable.

The best feature, though, has got to be Lookalikes. If you've got a huge crush on Channing Tatum, Kendall Jenner, or even Boris Johnson - you can search their name, and find their doppelgängers. Just remember to say the right name in the bedroom.

This wingman is also safety first, so Badoo users' photos are verified by moderators, and you can ask for a selfie before chatting to avoid catfishing. Never again will you get to a date and have a WTF moment about the person that turns up.

Give your mates the night off, download Badoo on iOS and Android, and find yourself someone to spoon on these cold winter nights. Ed Sheeran said the club wans't the best place to find a lover, and oh how right he was.