This has to win the award for 'Best Christmas ad' this year

When it comes to Christmas adverts, it has been a pretty poor year for the brits. John Lewis' ad was a bit silly with the trampoline, Sainsbury's had a glaring mistake as pointed out by one of their employees, and so did Lidl's.

Well, step forward Polish online auction website Allegro. they have created this amazing ad which has sent the internet crazy.

It follows an old man trying to learn English, but for reasons we do not find out until the end.

It includes him swearing at a rubber duck while taking a bath and accidentally coming onto a young woman on the bus.

Watch the video below.

This is a truly heart-warming vid, the grandfather is learning English so he can speak to his granddaughter when he visits his family in England.

People online have gone mad for it, claiming it is the best ad this year:

An amazing, charming vid that is our personal favourite, much better than James Corden singing, save that for Carpool Karaoke.