This Haribo fan-theory is sending the internet into meltdown

The kids and parents love it so, the happy world of Haribo. Well, now Haribo is dividing the nation, after a Haribo fan pointed out something shocking about one of the Haribo sweets.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

It's hard to notice anything in the Haribo Starmix advert, other than the whole concept of having adults mime along to children talking about Haribo Starmix is a mildly terrifying idea.

But one superfan has spotted something that proven even more controversial.

The egg sweet aren't eggs at all. They're something else.

That's right, makes sense, doesn't it? Why would they include an egg in a space-themed pack of sweets? It doesn't make sense. Surely Haribo wouldn't make a mistake like that, would they? Include a bunch of rockets, a moon and an egg?

The theory has proved controversial, nonetheless.

Many people have demanded that Haribo reveal the truth, and release the files.

With the internet in frenzy mode, Haribo did eventually check in to confirm that the sweet is actually... an egg.

You know. A space egg. Like how they have rockets and spaceships and planets and asteroids and eggs in space. That's why they have an egg in their Spacemix. Mind un-blown.