This guy's Thanksgiving story shows why grandmas are the best

Over here we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but over in the old US of A, it is kind of a big deal.

For those who don't know the story behind this food-fest, (without trying to dismiss it or cause offence) when the first pilgrims ascended on the coasts of what we now know as America, they held a huge feast to break bread with the natives. They would have days of fasting and days of thanksgiving.

Anyway, it has become a bit of an event over in the states and Canada. People sitting around a table eating too much, drinking too much, being merry and spending time with family. It is basically the support act for Christmas.

Thanksgiving is seen as a time to be happy with what you have and to share what you have with others.

That is exactly what this grandmother did... she allowed a complete stranger into her house for Thanksgiving, simply because he asked.

It all started off with a lot of confusion and a wrong number. She sent a group text out to her family, telling them what time to be at her house for thanksgiving dinner, thinking her grandson was included.

But the number was wrong and it had been sent to this man. On twitter, his name is Certo Nego, so we shall just call him 'Certo'.

Now, you can quite clearly see that there is no blood relation between the two, so Certo responded like this:

Admittedly, a bit of a weird response. Why not just ask their name? But oh well, she responded with a picture of herself, showing that she was obviously not his grandmother so he came back with this:

Quite a cheeky response, but who doesn't love a trier? So the granny comes back with an invitation to dinner:

What a legend! They did end up having Thanksgiving dinner together, and he posted a picture on twitter for the world to see:

This is why grandmas are the best.