This guy's SAVAGE revenge on his high school bully is the most insane thing you will ever hear

Everyone dreams of getting revenge on that one arsehole of a kid who made their life hell during school.

However, as much as we dream of flushing their stupid head down the toilet or hiring them to be our assistants whilst flaunting our success in their face, no one really enacts the revenge they dream of.

Except this guy... this guy went in so HARD we don't even know what to think.

This story of INSANE revenge all started when a guy named Rob went on a date with a woman 20 years his senior called Arielle, but never called her back.

Unsure as to why this was, Arielle did what any normal middle aged woman would do when she's being ghosted and called into a Boston radio station called Hot 96.6.

Arielle explains that her date with Rob went really well, that the sex was great and that no man had 'ever made [her] feel that way.' Aww, sweet.

Anyway, Arielle wants the radio hosts to call Rob and ask him why he's ghosting her on her behalf, and that's when things go from 0 to 100 REALLY quickly.

The radio station calls Rob, who, obviously, is pretty confused. They ask him if he wants to go on another date with Arielle, which is when Rob drops this HUGE bombshell, which you can hear for yourself here:

"So this was all kind of a revenge thing. Like, I saw her online and I recognised her last name and it turns out her son actually used to bully the shit out of me. And so I figured if I could fuck his mum, I would rub it in his face."

.... Oh. My. God.

Both the radio show hosts and Arielle were utterly SHOOK, with Arielle asking, 'are you serious, your friends with sam?'

To which Rob replies:

"No, I'm not friends with your asshole son. Look I don't know if you cared what he was doing, but he was a total prick to me and he ruined my life. And now I'm going to return the favour. I plan on sending your son a text with two words that says 'I win' and then when he says 'why', it's going to be that picture that I took of you."

Goodness GRACIOUS ME. Arielle calls Rob 'disgusting', and said she could have him thrown in jail for sharing photos of her, but he seemed totally unfazed.

We don't know who Rob is, but it sounds like you REALLY don't want to get on the wrong side of him.

You can listen to the whole exchange here.