This guy's bizarre Tinder love story had the most unexpected ending

Tinder isn't always known for it's romantic or endearing love stories. Rather, the dating app is more renowned for exchanges like this:

Thanks Ryan. Didn't ask, but you keep doing you.

However, for Twitter user Josh Avec things went just a little differently. Nearly 3 years ago the Kent State student matched with fellow student Michelle, and unbeknown to both of them, the most beautiful love story since Romeo and Juliet was about to unfold.

Over the three years, the pair would message each other literally months apart with ridiculous excuses as to why they hadn't replied sooner:

Taking 3 months to reply, Josh apologised as he was 'in the shower', whilst Michelle's month long silence was due to 'being in class.' Whilst many would have found the first few exchanges pretty funny, the effort it would take to keep it up would probably put most off. But NOT THESE TWO. Oh no:

8 months after matching, Josh apologised for the horrible first impression he'd made due to being caught up with finals. The pair have continued this joke up until the present, 3 years after matching, which is where things start getting INTERESTING.

Josh took to Twitter to showcase their brilliant exchange:

The tweet quickly went viral, with people praising the two for their commitment to the banter:

In fact, the tweet went SO viral, that Michelle SAW IT AND REPLIED:

Josh could hardly believe his luck

And, as if this shit couldn't get ANY MORE CRAZY, Tinder stepped in, and things got a whole lot more exciting:


The pair seemed to discuss the offer in private, and came to this conclusion:

And in true form, Tinder confirmed that the pair were going to Hawaii for their date:

Unsurprisingly, Josh didn't take months to respond to Tinder's proposal, thanking the app and the internet for his fortune:

Some things really are worth waiting for. Maybe in the next 20 years they might actually start dating. We'll have to wait (a very long time) to find out!