This guy tweeted his whole breakup story with his psycho 'lil lunatic' ex and it is WILD

Breakups are pretty terrible, they are definitely not a pleasant experience and people do and say some awful things during them. Well this story by twitter user @hoemar___ is possibly the most dramatic breakup we have ever heard of, and just when you think it's over, it gets worse.

The story started with Omar tweeting a twitter poll asking his followers if they wanted to hear a story of his psycho ex.

With over 85K votes, he decided to share his story, from the very beginning, starting with how he met his ex at school, being partnered up in drama class, and the story just gets crazy. Twitter users saw the story and went mad for it as it is hilarious.

Here's the full break up story and it's mad:

Twitter users have gone crazy for this story,

Omar definitely gave his 'lil lunatic' ex a good chance but she was far too much for any person to put up with. Good luck to his cousin dealing with that!