This guy tweeted about his wedding night in bizarre detail and Twitter is hella confused

As clichés go, your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. You're marrying your best friend and celebrating the occasion with those closest to you. And also, for some, it's also the night you... *consummate* the marriage. But that's the bit you tend not to celebrate or share with your guests, or Twitter for that matter.

NOT FOR THIS GUY. Let me introduce Cole LeBrant; a Twitter famous Youtube and Vine star, as well as loud and proud Christian:

This is Cole on his wedding day, about to marry love of his life Savannah Soutas, his fellow youtube and vine co-star.

Now, they're pretty used to sharing their lives on social media, that's literally in the job description. And don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that... but after the two were married, Cole took to Twitter to share this revelation:

And then posted this on his Snapchat:

I mean...

He literally tweeted to his 258,000 followers saying that he'd lost his virginity. Like, PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT I JUST HAD SEX! This isn't 2011 anymore, this isn't acceptable behaviour Cole.

Understandably Twitter was a bit baffled by the Tweet, because Cole is after all a GROWN MAN rather than an excited 16 year old boy:

Others found it a bit funnier, with some pretty hilarious replies:

And naturally, the memes have started to emerge, with people creating fake tweets:

... That's enough internet for me today.