This guy eats with his head under a blanket for an important & hilarious reason

A recent dad has started eating in restaurants with his head under a blanket for one very sweet (but also quite funny) reason.

Father of two Brock Smith, already mastering the art of the dad joke, hopes that by eating his meals under a blanket he'll point out how ridiculous it is to expect mothers to feed their babies under a blanket in public.

In a video which is going viral, he has sat down and eaten a baked potato in a restaurant, whilst complaining “I wish I didn’t have to eat with a blanket over my head,” channeling babies everywhere.

And he does this all the time, apparently.

Brock's video, which has been viewed over 150,000 times on Breastfeeding Mama Talk

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Brock, who has two kids and a blanket, said he didn't want to make people uncomfortable in public, but thought that people who were against mothers breastfeeding their children in public were "ignorant" and he wanted to make a point about how ridiculous it is.

"We would never have Lauren whip it out for everyone to see," he said.

"But people have an issue with it all which isn't right. We're just making light off a touchy social issue. How women have to feel anxious when feeding their babies when they're out and about. We would never not cover Lauren up... but the ignorance of some people just prompted the idea."

His video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times all over the web. People have left messages of support.

Leesy Statham wrote: "I think this is a great video. People wouldn't eat with a sheet over their head so why do they expect us to do that to our babies while we breastfeed?"

It hasn't done enough to appease everybody, however. One Facebook commenter said:

"That’s gross, I still know he’s eating under there. Can’t he just go to the bathroom?"

Emily Hinds wrote that she had been shouted at by a man after she fed her child on a bench.

"I got yelled at by an old man the other day - my 7 month old daughter who refuses to take a bottle was screaming her head off because she was hungry after we went on a run so at the end of the run there is a bench I sat down and fed her... Duh. It's 100 degrees here in North Carolina this week so I was not about to cover her with a blanket or a shield. I tried being as discreet as possible but this man thought it was disgusting! Boobs weren't always seen as sexual objects they were first put there for one person feed babies!! This to me is a non issue! Makes complete sense to me child is hungry mom feeds baby."

Jonathan T. Nelsen, meanwhile, supported the idea in general but cautioned: "Next time use dark hood :) your gonna worry the black people in the restaurant."

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