This guy created a powerpoint for date suggestions and got blocked by his date

Those nerve wracking conversations that lead up to a first date are always a volatile mix of exciting and scary.

And just when you think you've secured someone by getting them to agree to a first date, you have to conquer that extra hurdle of having to decide where you should go with them. Do you go for dinner, cocktails, a long walk on the beach? It's always a bit awkward.

So when Twitter user BV got asked by his date for suggestions on where they should go, he thought he'd come up with the perfect solution to that dreaded question:

BV's suggestions such as the 'arty maze by the millenium dome' included pros like 'I went to see Celine Dion at the o2 so it will bring back good memories and I can have an excuse to talk about it.'

The indepth and well-researched PowerPoint included some very good suggestions, which you'd think BV's date would be keen to try out.

Not so much:

His date blocked him on Whatsapp, without even offering any feedback on the presentation.

However, whilst his date may not have liked it, Microsoft definitely did:

And so did Twitter:

BV you can slide into our Google Drive whenever.