This guy checked in a single beer can for his flight, just to see if he could

Ever since airports introduced the 100ml limit on liquids, flying with hand luggage has been a massive pain. Airport security is often preceded with scenes like this as you realise you've accidentally forgotten to empty your bottle of water:

But what if, and bear with me here, WHAT IF you could check in those pesky liquids that get you frisked at security.

'RIDICULOUS!' I hear you shout at me from your screen. Well, think again, because this guy just did the impossible: he checked in 1 singular can of beer into the hold.

Not only was it possible, but the beer made it from Melbourne to Perth completely unscathed. The man checked in his beer for his flight with Quantas airlines just to see if he could, which, it turns out, you can.

The beer came out on the conveyer belt, ready to be collected, and with the hold air temperature often being around 5 °C, probably nicely chilled as well.

So now you know - you can literally check in your liquids, rather than having to do this at security...