This girl has won the title of filthiest student flat in the UK

We've seen a lot of gross student flats.

There are a few dead giveaways: The rubbish teetering on the bin, in a game of 'who can add more without taking the binbag out'; the dishes with unidentified food stuck to the bottom; the floor that's never seen a hoover or broom.

Some are definitely worse than others, though, as found out by, when they held a competition for 'dirtiest student flat in Britain'.

This was the winner.

You wouldn't know it to look at her, but this is Brittani Cooper, and she lives in squalor.

The 19-year-old shares her flat with five others, and won the £500 prize for her disgusting ways.

Take a look.

Spot the poor cat having to live in that filth, wandering round the maze of dirty cups and ready meal containers.

Just imagine having a boy/girl round and explaining to them that they've just pulled stig of the dump. Nothing romantic could ever happen in that gaff.

Brittani beat 980 other submissions to win the title, with spokesperson Kirsty O'Sullivsn saying,

'It was no easy task to pick just one winner from the students’ submissions to our dirtiest digs competition. In fact, it was tough even looking at some of the pictures'

Brittani plans to use her prize money to decorate her new flat this year, which she plans to keep cleaner. At least that's a very achievable goal for her!