This girl has the best beauty hack you never knew you needed

Every make up lover has made the age-old mistake of spending HOURS on their make up routine only to come to the horrific realisation that they still have to get dressed, threatening to ruin a work of art greater than the Mona Lisa. Well, fear not, because one Twitter user has come up with this simple and utterly genius solution.

Using only a plastic bag, Twitter user Eva Marie showed she had brains as well as perfectly preserved beauty. The tweet quickly went viral, clearly striking a chord amongst fellow make up enthusiasts.

Whilst some girls have been stretching their clothes in an effort to preserve their looks...

Others have been mourning the loss of their on fleek brows...

However, whilst a big hit amongst many, others were quick to point out the obvious..

Quick to defend her makeshift make up hack, Eva Marie responded with this...😂

Maybe that extra 5p for a plastic bag is worth it after all...💁💁💁