This fresher predicted every major political event this year

This fresher managed to predict most of the year's major political events back in January.

Oxford first year Louis McEvoy managed to predict Brexit long before the pollsters or anyone thought it possible, as well as the result of the London mayor elections and that Theresa May would become Prime Minister before the year was out, and that Corbyn would survive his various leadership challenges.

And now the History student / political pundit / wizard from the future has some more predictions.

Predictions for the rest of the year

Back in January he predicted "Corbyn will survive, Sadiq will become London mayor, Britain will leave Europe, and the year will end with Theresa May as Prime Minister."

So far all of the Oxford fresher's unlikely political predictions have come true, even though these predictions at the start of the year would have made you look like a madman.

Rather than go out on a win, looking like an actually specific Nostradamus, the politics enthusiast has made a whole host of other predictions.

Speaking to The Tab he made a lot of other predictions.

Spoiler alert: If you don't want to know how the rest of the year is going to play out, look away now...

Prediction 1: Labour won't be in power till 2030

His prediction for the future of Labour isn't great. He thinks that if they can survive, they won't win an election till

“That’s predicated on the assumption that Labour can survive. I think it will, in some form. The earliest Labour can hope for is 2025, but more likely 2030. The Tories are very wise and are positioning themselves as the new centrist party, as you will have seen Theresa May isn’t talking about new forms of austerity, or going further to the right.”

Prediction 2: May won't call a snap election

A lot of people are calling for a general election, but Louis doesn't think it'll happen.

“May, in her character, I don’t think she’ll want to call a general election," he told The Tab.

"I don’t think the country would actually want a general election. We want stability now, we want some kind of calm after the past two and a half weeks of completely obliterated status quo. The election would just cause even more mess. Gordon Brown didn’t call one and Theresa May is very similar to Gordon Brown, in terms of not being too focused on media image and caring more about competence.

“The other thing [is] the Tories are massively helped by Corbyn’s existence. If they call a general election that might end up getting rid of Corbyn permanently, and they want to keep him on.”

Prediction 3: Chris Grayling, George Osborne and Michael Gove will be senior cabinet members

This is the first prediction that can be tested very soon. Louis also specifically predicts that George Osborne will stay on as Chancellor of the Exchequer. We'll probably find out in the next few days if this is true.

Prediction 4: We will never be rid of Nigel Farage

Sorry folks, and again *spoiler alert*, Louis doesn't think Farage can keep his opinions to himself for long.

“He keeps rising from the dead again and again."

"Now we’ve had the Brexit he’s more likely to reinvent himself as, say, a Fox news commentator. He’s already got his legacy in history."

Prediction 5: David Cameron will leave the public eye

“He’s wealthy, so he’ll be fine but I don’t see any future for him. He might not want to stay in the public gaze at all, especially as he’s a national joke now.”

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