This dangerous chemical in a common fruit nearly KILLED a man

A man has called for cherries to be labelled differently, after nearly dying from cyanide poisoning.

Matthew Creme, 29, was eating a punnet of cherries when he decided to try the stones, not realising they contained cyanide.

Credit: SWNS

The dad of three told Metro he then ate two more after finding them tasty, but later started to feel sick and drowsy.

His partner Georgia Mason then called NHS 111 and were told he'd taken a potentially fatal dose of cyanide and he should be rushed to hospital.

He was treated at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, where luckily they had the antidote, but he has called for changes in labelling as he believes children might be at risk if they eat the stones.

Credit: SWNS

There are currently no warnings on cherries sold in the UK. Creme says, 'You’re told not to eat them but nobody says why.'

Cyanide is often seen in old spy novels, and is Agatha Christie's choice of poison in many of her Murder She Wrote books. It can also be found in small doses in apricots, peaches, and apples.

Who knew getting one of your five a day could be so dangerous?!