This dad-bod bum-bag is possibly the best thing on the internet

Dad-bods are truly in right now. Or at least that's what we've been told.

Now you can get in on the act even if you have washboard abs, thanks to a new product called the dadbag.

It mimics the seductive look of a beer gut, without the necessity to have one full-time.

Not only that, but you can store all your possessions (well, some of them) inside the bum-bag.

Like the necessities i.e. A can of Red Stripe.

The dadbag even comes in different skin tones and levels of hairiness, so you can make it look as real as possible.

Personally, I feel like a Sherman. A true alpha, asserting dominance through a thick tummy-bush.

It can be used as a daily fanny-pack or as a deterrent for pickpockets, as it's unlikely they'll go looking in your belly button for valuables. It's probably not work appropriate, but it's 2017 so anything is possible.

At the moment, the dadbag site is down (clearly because of crazy levels of demand!) , but you can keep an eye on their Instagram for updates. It's currently at crowdfunding stage, so if you pledge early you can guarantee yourself a beautiful new accessory.