This creepy landlord offered his flat for FREE for TWO disturbing conditions

Flat hunting can be a pretty daunting task, and having to find a complete stranger to live with can be bizarre.

Well, Erin Clark from Edinburgh found out the hard way that strangers you meet over the internet can be pretty creepy.

Erin was looking for a flat online to rent for her move to Paris and received this message when she thought she found a bargain of a flat:

So far it's going okay...normal niceties. Although, it's a bit weird that two complete strangers will be sharing the same room just with two separate beds?

That already seems weird right?

It's pretty creepy, however I'm also concerned for Erin that she was willing to share a studio room with a complete stranger in the first place.

She continued with an image of the chastity belt:

People have taken to twitter to give her advice on whether or not to take the flat:

If you think that is weird, look at the text this guy received from his Airbnb host here!