This couple recreate famous movie scenes with their cats... and the results are hilarious!

Cats or dogs? Which do you paw-fer?

While dogs are seen as the happier species, it is easy to fur-get how much fun you can have with a cat.

As proved by this couple in Nottingham who have recreated famous scenes from meow-vies, and they are purr-iceless (OK, I'll stop now).

@moviecats have only posted five pictures of their creations, yet have already amassed over 11,000 followers.

Have a look at their creations where they take moments from movies such as The Shining, ET: The Extra Terrestrial and Ghost.

American Kitty


How romantic...

"Heeeeeere's KITTY!"

They look like they just wanna go home...

Amazing efforts. Cannot wait for The Claw-shank Redemption, Texas Chain-paw Massacre and The Great Catsby.