This company lets you frame your dead relatives' SKIN

Losing a loved one is always awful. Often we keep little mementos, like a photo or piece of clothing, or even their ashes to remind us of them.

However, this team of funeral directors has taken things one step further than offering you your loved ones' ashes. Save My Ink Forever is now providing a service that allows you to keep your loved ones' TATTOOED SKIN!

The company remove the tattoo from the deceased persons' skin, preserve it and then send it to the family within 3 months. Here's some examples of their work:

Credit: Save My ink Forever

Whilst you might think this is HELLA creepy and are wondering who in their right mind would want this, the company have actually received a HUGE number of requests since setting up early last year.

In an interview with Huffington Post, company owner Kyle Sherwood explained the thought process behind the idea. He said that:

“All of our tattoos have deep meaning - meaning enough to put it on ourselves for life to proudly display"
“So we thought, well what happens when you die? These works of art that mean so much to the individual - and the family - are gone forever. They are either buried or cremated, never to be seen again.”

Kyle doesn't think the idea is creepy, but more a way of preserving a deeply personal memory of a loved one.

The cost of the service is usually around £795, so a bit more expensive than just keeping an old necklace. If you want to find out more about the company, visit their website here.