This cat paid for his owner's tuition fees with insanely cute video

This cat named Sox has paid for his owner's tuition fees, by earning money through Youtube. A video of the cat posing in the mirror has been watched over three million on Youtube, and the advertising revenue received from this was more than enough to pay for his own's university fees.

Here is the video of the cat doing his poses, worth enough to pay for a degree.

Fraser Napier, the cat's owner, was approached by a US business who wanted to place their advert next to the video of Sox posing in the mirror, and in return they paid him a third of a cent for every time someone viewed the video. He of course said yes, and since then has earned enough to pay for his degree.

He told the Aberdeen Evening Express:

"One day I noticed Sox sitting on the edge of the bath looking at herself and posing in the mirror above the sink, so I started filming and uploaded a video to YouTube. I just recorded it because I thought it was funny,"

"I got an email from YouTube telling me that I could get advertising on it. I thought it was great because I got the funding for my college course."

Fraser now plans to be a filmmaker, and still lives with Sox, who to date has made more money than he has as a recent graduate.

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