This burger chain will give you free burgers for life, if you do one little thing for them...

A burger chain is offering free burgers for life to anyone who's happy to do one little thing for them.

Australian upmarket burger chain Mr Burger is offering a lifetime of burgers to anyone who's willing to make one permanent change to their own name.

You can eat for free at Mr Burger every day for the rest of your (probably short) life if you are willing to change your name to Burger. Permanently.

Burgers from Mr Burger, which look goddamn delicious.

Worth it?

Yep, if you're willing, you can get free burgers for life for you and whoever is willing to marry you and take your name.

You just have to be willing to go into a burger shop and say "hi, my name is Mr Burger and I would like a burger" any time you want a free burger.

The first ten people to change their name will win the lifetime supply of burgers, which they'd have to pick up on a daily basis over their lifetime, each time announcing to disbelieving staff that their name is Mr, Mrs or Ms Burger.

"It's 200 percent legit. Too legit," Mr Burger's marketing manager Maleik Edwards told Mashable Australia.

"The media, the world, has been gripped with boring stuff such as Brexit and the election. We as a company think people take life too seriously, and this is just a way to have some fun."

So far, not one person has been willing to change their name to burger, even with a lifetime supply of burgers on the cards.

The only guy we can find that's even close to doing it has his own motives.

If you're interested in doing this, you have until the 31st of July to emigrate to Australia, change your name to Burger, and submit proof of your name change to a burger restaurant.

Then all there is left to do is to announce to your friends and family that they're to call you Mr Burger from now on. At a burger restaurant.

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