This boutique's awful font choice creates horrifically offensive product

Font matters. How many times does this need to be reiterated before people DAMN WELL LEARN.

There have been many times when this lesson needed to be learnt:

I don't think your aunt would feel very special after receiving this

...Do they inspect hard drives?

But beauty boutique BelleChic's most recent font fail is probably one of the worst we've seen. Twitter user @hurlarious pointed out that one of their products had just a *little* font mishap:

Whilst at first glance the bag looks relatively normal, the 'glitter' actually looks more like 'Hitler' and once you see it, you literally cannot un-see it.

And once the error had been pointed out, Twitter users just couldn't help themselves:

BelleChic have yet to comment on the error, which has been leaving Twitter users fuhrer-ious. The bag is still for sale, so if your favourite colour happens to be Hitler, you can purchase it here. But remember kids: