This bizarre Amazon product is probably the weirdest thing you can buy on the internet

Technology is pretty impressive these days. Cars can drive themselves and Amazon Echo can literally cater to your every need without you even needing to get up from the sofa. The future really is now... or is it?

One Twitter user, Andy Baio, recently noticed that one of Amazon's robots has been generating phone cases based on random stock photos from the internet, and rather than impressive, it's just completely hilarious:

Instead of creating sought-after phone cases with pretty mandalas or funny quotes, the bot was producing things like this:

The choices included a metal butt plug or vaginal discomfort cover, which, incredibly, were marketed one after the other.

The bizarre cases didn't stop there though, with others including:

With 'only 2 left' of the Blond girl with the cochlear implant, she's clearly a fan favourite.

I mean why have psoriasis on your hands when you can have it on your phone?! And nothing says cute phone case like a worried teenage girl with a pregnancy kit.

Nothing quite says work phone like a case with a line of cocaine on the back, right? And the 28 contraceptive pills might just save you having that daily reminder pop up on your screen!

To be fair, the braille one could come in handy... maybe?

However, the best of all, the creme de la creme, was without a doubt this beauty:

In a very trainspotting-esque fashion, the bot genuinely generated a phone case of someone collecting heroin with a syringe.

However, some people didn't quite see the funny side:

Whilst others thought the case was pretty useful for both protecting their phone and well...

The bot seems to show no signs of stopping, with more and more wonderfully bizarre designs appearing each day:

If you'd like to get your hands on these genius phone cases (either to buy or actually be on), they're available here.