This 11yr old uni student is making everyone feel like underachievers

An 11 year old kid studying chemistry at university is making all his classmates feel like underachievers.

Daniel is taking classes at the University of Toledo, Ohio, aged just 11, leaving his classmates saying "I worked my ass off at age 18 and only just scraped my way in here, this guy rocks up at 11 when he should be watching Power Rangers. What the hell?"

To add insult to injury, the child genius told the class "if you have any questions, just email me".

Daniel is currently in high school, but studies chemistry classes at the university, because apparently high-school chemistry just isn't challenging enough when you're 11.

Which obviously made some people feel bad, who failed chemistry when they were a lot older than Daniel

People have been extremely impressed by Daniel, and think he's one to watch for the future. After all, if he's 11 and doing uni, who the hell knows what he'll be doing by the time he's actually old enough to go to uni.

Other folk just want to give the kid a high five. Something he's probably far too intelligent to participate in.

How's he doing in the class? Well, good enough that people probably will actually email him with their questions. Apparently, he's a bonafide genius.

Although he does have a bit of a problem sitting still, as we all did at age 11.

On top of already taking university classes, he has also won a $10,000 scholarship and met Barack Obama, a guy he's seven years too young to vote for.

All in all, this kid makes us all feel like massive underachievers.