23 things lazy people are just plain correct about

If you don't do things this way, you're doing life wrong.

23) This is job done

Any further steps would be an unnecessary waste of time.

22) It's not time to take the bin out yet

That time will come when the secondary, smaller pile to the left of the bin dwarfs the first pile.

21) Pizza boxes can be used to give your lounge a Roman feel

"In a way this IS recycling."

"Mind blown, Mike. Mind f**king blown, now take out the pizza boxes before I call the landlord."

20) This is still easier than replacing the bog roll...

19) Fingers are Nutella spoons

Look it up in the dictionary, it's just a synonym.

18) But it's still easier to eat it "hands-free"

"Look Ma - no hands!"

17) This is an inevitable consequence of brushing your teeth

"Do you want this, or would you prefer I never brush my teeth? Your move."

16) Radiators are part of the bin

And some doors aren't meant to be opened. This one is now a wall.

15) Chewing around the sticker is easier than finding a bin

"Apples biodegrade. I'll leave this here."

14) These phrases mean the same thing

Check a dictionary, for Christ's sake.

13) Beds are also tables, fridges and ash trays

Also beds.

12) This is the only way to make cheese on toast

Only chefs do it the other way.

11) This is fine

Sometimes bellies are tables. This man might actually be a genius.

10) This guy's genius is comparable with Einstein

With this system you may never have to wash up.

9) This lady got the chair she wanted - no need to open the box

Why waste valuable sitting time with opening stuff? Where would she sit whilst she opens it?

8) This is an acceptable way to browse the internet

7) If this guy has a second system for going to the toilet, this might actually be photographic proof of heaven

Basically a sunlounger, a drink, a straw and a catheter is heaven.

6) This guy knows how to toilet

Potty training level: Pro.

5) This guy's a goddamn genius

He might be smarter than Steve Jobs.

4) It's better to get there slowly than walk

In fact...

3) You'll only exercise when these are sold commercially

Even then you'll make sure the scooter is electric.

2) This guy wouldn't have to do this if his lazy ass friend would just lift his cup up to his face like he asked

"Now massage my throat till I swallow."

1) This is a life goal

Not a disturbing way for an adult to live life.