5 things you (kinda) need to know about this week

It's not desperate, but you (kinda) need to know about these things this week.

5) This woman attempted to secure a Gumtree treadmill discount by flashing her bum

A woman has attempted to secure a discount on a relatively cheap treadmill, by sending the seller bum pics.

Deciding he wasn't the kind of seller who accepted "I'll show you my bum" discounts, Lee Kucia rejected the offer in exactly the way you'd expect..

Check out the full story here.

4) This student was accidentally given an unlimited overdraft, and went on a £2million shopping spree

A student who was accidentally given an unlimited overdraft managed to spend almost £2million on designer goods.

She managed to keep the money secret from her boyfriend and the bank during her 4 year spree. Find out how here.

3) You've been using a stapler wrong your entire life

Find out how you should be using them here, then throw away your paperclips. They're dead to you now.

2) A student faces 69 criminal charges for this photo

A petition has been set up to have the 69 criminal charges dropped against Hunter Osborne, 19, for this yearbook photo prank gone wrong.

Even the school, who reported him to the police, admit the crime is "kinda hard to see".

Find out why he faces so many charges here.

1) You can live in this £8 million London penthouse for free

There’s a team of household staff at the apartment to look after you, all the cleaning and laundry is taken care of, and there’s a chef who will prepare you delicious meals five days a week - oh, and a team of drivers who will take you out to party.

Find out how here (and what the catch is).

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