15 things we learned from Freshers, Sex and Suspicious Parents

We watched Freshers, Sex and Suspicious Parents, to see if anything had changed since our time as freshers. Apparently it has. For one, freshers are now willing to be followed by a film crew for some reason, even though they're clearly going to get stitched up.

Here are 15 other things we learned.

Zebra onesies are appropriate attire for the first day of a Forensic Accounting degree

zebra onesies

But "casually holding a guitar" is a much worse look

casually holding guitar

Parents think an en-suite room is not good enough for their child, and cry about it

freshers sex and suspicious parents

He has a toilet in his room! He's literally living the dream life.

The boy in this hat is filled with sadness

sad boy in hat

Owning a hat sometimes doesn’t fill the void.

The teenage moustache / “I don’t use cups” combo is not an attractive look

not attractive

Also y’all are drinking too much.

And drinking from a bottle is somehow much more shocking than pouring it into a cup

As expressed by Cleo’s mum.

During freshers week, this is an acceptable opening gambit:

freshers sex and opening lines

And not something that will get you odd looks and a swift push off the pavement.

Where wally was. He was in Sheffield Hallam.

wheres wally fresher

Is this a method for making friends?? Is this what freshers wear now???

Point at the people you want to be friends with

point to make a friend

If they point back, you are now best friends.

You can’t go out in Sheffield on your first day at uni without green shit on your face

green shit on your face partying

and whoever gets highest in the crowd is now your king.

Bow before your mighty green-faced king, Sheffield.

This is how proud your parents look when you successfully cook scrambled eggs for the first time

proud parents

Despite the fact you're stirring them with a fork.

Your parents are checking your Facebook

parents spying via facebook

And feel comfortable laughing about it with other parents and a TV crew

The secret to washing machines is somewhere near the back

Not the "on" button on the front...

Day 3 is when female freshers start thinking about buying food

lack of concern about food

"I need to have food, I haven't had any since I moved in"... kind of terrifying lack of concern about getting food in.

This guy thinks his parents are the reason he couldn't bring girls back to his place

bad haircut

And not his haircut...

And this is the face of someone who's just found out they've been spied on for a week

absolute betrayal

The oddly smiley face of absolute betrayal.

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