22 things that are perfectly legit

Nothing to see here, it's all legit.

22) This email from Barack Obama saying "hey" seems 100% legit

"Damn right I'll do my bit for America, here are my full bank details, Mr President."

21) This letter from Husband seems legit

20) This toy tunnel seems legit

Woolworths really went downhill before they closed.

19)This translation

18) This Hogwarts entrance

"At first I was skeptical of this entrance to Hogwarts, but then I woke up in St Mungo's"

17) Every last one of these sour cream tubes of easy squeeze

We rhymed accidentally. Apologies.

16) This analysis of ancient sculptures

To be fair, if anyone was going to invent a device for gawping at cat photos it's the ancient Egyptians.

15) This licence plate

"Let him go, boys. Her licence plate checks out."

14) This advice

"Dear writer. Well, like any theory it's going to take a lot of testing before we can be certain of anything..."

13) This LaCoste t-shirt

"What? On the really expensive shirts, the crocodile is 3D, Sharon!"

12) This cash machine

"Proudly not killing our customers since 2014."

11) This Marilyn Monroe Sex Couch

"Ask not what this couch can do for you..."

10) Normal Dave's midwifery services

"Well Normal Dave does say he's professional. And normal. Being professional AND normal is important for me in a midwife."

9) Michaelsoft Binbows

"Tell you the truth, I don't think they've released a good product since Michaelsoft Binbows XC. Microsoft Binbows Vespa was rubbish."

8) This excuse

"It's a human-mouthed schnauzer, Darren! Yes that's a real breed!"

7) This ghost-free house

"What the hell was that noise?"

"Well, I'll tell you what it's not..."

6) This Louis Vuiton bag

Not so sure why they're so popular, to be honest.

5) This candy dispensary

Which are placed in just about every halls of residence in existence.

4) The Hogwarts Express

"Part of me says there's something wrong here, but the other part of me really wants to defeat Voldemort."

3) This shop

"Look, if they say they're open they're open. No I don't know what they're selling, Michael, but that's what you go into shops to find out."

2) This rare copy of the Bible

"To my homie... what was your name, bro?"


"To my homie ebbay, peace out bro, the G-Man."

1) This apple computer

"Three days! Three day Apple's gone bad!"

"You're going to have to install an update."

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