17 things students get sick of hearing (extremely quickly)

Uni is great, but at some point you're going to get sick of hearing these things...

17) "Your lecture has been rescheduled for 9.a.m. IN THE MORNING"

16) "Sorry, son, we've cancelled our Netflix account. You're going to have to buy your own."

15) "It's due tomorrow, you really have to start that essay"

14) Down it, down it, down it!


13) "What? We all piss in the shower, right?"

12) "Sociology, huh? Didn't you want to take a real degree?"

11) "You do maths? You know maths students are statistically more likely to be virgins?"

10) "Is that your towel? I thought that was the communal towel. That towel has dried my balls A LOT."

9) "I think we all know it's your turn to do the dishes..."

8) "Is that your milk? I thought that was my milk."

7) "Anyone else here piss in the sink?"

6) "What smells in this fridge? I think it's your food..."

5) "Uh, yeah I forgot to buy toilet roll, you're going to have to improvise in there..."

4) "You're from the North? Do you live in a mine, then?"

3) "We're out of booze"

2) "Philosophy, huh? I know of a few fast food joints looking for philosophy graduates - I could put in a good word for you?"

1) "You can't keep eating pot noodles. If you don't eat some vegetables soon you might actually get scurvy"