Clinton would have absolutely embarrassed Trump if it was up to younger people

If you haven't heard, there was some kind of election recently, but as it was over in America no one really made a fuss about it. It just went without too much hassle or drama.

Apparently, some guy called Donald Trump won, no idea who he is.

Of course, it was a result that shocked the world, causing outrage everywhere when the results were coming in. Somehow, The Donald won; he will be the next President of the United States of America after beating Hillary Clinton with 279 points to 228.

Many have compared his victory to that of Brexit earlier in the year, when leading up to the result everyone was thinking "Nah, it will never happen" then when it does, we are all sitting around thinking "how did that just happen?"

Well, according to the statistics, Trump and Brexit are similar in more ways than you think.

While Trump came out victorious overall, it was thanks to rural areas of the US, where white, less-educated folk are dominant.

He managed to flip states that Obama won back in 2012, places such as Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin.

Surprisingly, he also came out on top in the 'white women without a college degree's' vote, beating out Hillary with 62%.

But in so many other ways, Clinton absolutely annihilated Trump: if it were down to non-whites, Hillary would have won outright, with 88% of black people in her favour and 65% of Hispanic and latinos.

But where it is most encouraging, is the young peoples' vote, according to SurveyMonkey, Clinton would have humiliated Trump if the voting was just down to people aged between 18-25.

Trump would have won only 23 election point, rather than the 279 he ended up with. 23! Hillary would have had 504!

This can be seen as encouraging, as obviously this group of people are the future. So like with Brexit, when 75% of people aged 24 and under voted to remain, things could have been a lot different if decided by the people who will be affected by the result for a longer amount of time.

I expect Hillary will find little comfort in this, but oh well.