Thieves steal £10,000 worth of stuff after taking inspiration from HOME ALONE

It is December, Christmas movies are coming at us thick and fast. Everyone has one that they connect with the most, whether it is Die Hard, Miracle on 34th Street or Elf.

Home Alone is also a classic, and the second one is seen in high regard when young Kevin McCallister gets on the wrong flight and ends up on his own again, but this time he is in New York.

Here, he runs into his old enemies, Harry and Marv, or The Wet Bandits as they liked to have been called in the first movie.

It is a great movie, but do you guys remember what the Bandits' plan for stealing a whole heap of items from a toy store was? Well two thieves in Worthing, West Sussex do because they tried to recreate it at Beales, a store full of different brands.

Police are looking for the two brave assailants who got away with £10,000 worth of designer clothes after they fooled staff by pretending to be MANNEQUINS!

In a move straight out of Scooby Doo, they posed for ages with real dummies until staff shut up shop and left, leaving them on their own to explore.

An assistant at Beales says it is fitted with a sophisticated sensor alarm system which somehow did not pick them up until they left.

“It was only triggered when they left the store – it was a very well-orchestrated crime.
“They must have secreted themselves and pretended to be mannequins.
“They probably dressed in clothes identical to those worn by the mannequins and stood there, not moving a muscle till the shop shut and everyone went home.
“They took oilskin jackets, high-end designer clothes and the like.
“It showed incredible nerve – the store is equipped from top to bottom with sensor alarms and cameras.
“They must have stood there with the mannequins not daring to move a muscle.”

Harry and Marv would be proud, but where is Macaulay Culkin when you need him?

I wonder if 'Black Beatles' by Rae Sremmurd was playing.