These women think they're too clever to have boyfriends

There are many reasons why someone might struggle to find a significant other.

Perhaps their standards are too high, or maybe they're just waiting for someone who sets their heart on fire. These women, however, think it's because they're too clever.

You may remember we wrote about some men featured in the Daily Mail a little while back. They were convinced their dating woes were down to the female of the species and their loutish ways. We now have the opposite version of that.

There's the lowdown so you don't actually have to read it.

Essentially, they think that men prefer less clever women, and have nothing to talk about.

Becca, aged 23, says, ‘The sense of achievement I derive from learning seems alien to most men.’ Similarly, Goldsmiths student Natasha, aged 22, said she tried to talk to one guy about Jeremy Corbyn, but found out he didn't even know who the Labour leader was.

Andrea wants to talk to her dates about literature and psychology, but says, 'they’re obsessed with UFOs and Harry Potter'. She also asserts that most men would rather be with a woman without a degree.

The DM then get a psychologist in to explain that men are so fragile they don't like to be challenged by women. Mayyyybe I haven't met enough men, but in my experience good conversation goes a long way for both sides on a date.

It definitely has nothing to do with any other factors about these women. Especially not that they talk about people in 'manual' jobs as beneath them.

Just as when the men of Daily Mail-land decided women were the problem for their loneliness, the commenters didn't react well.

It's definitely a lesson to all of us to be a bit more humble and accept that partnerships are two ways. A degree doesn't equal intelligence (judging by all the stupid antics we all got up to at uni) and it's not cool to think you're better than people.

Ladies, don't dumb yourselves down for boys, and lads, keep hold of your smart, funny women.