These supermarkets are in a Twitter fight, and it's wonderfully British

Social media, and Twitter in particular, can be very useful for answering age-old or controversial questions (was that dress blue, was it gold? PLEASE NEVER ASK ME AGAIN).

So when Emily Cousins asked this simple question, she expected a simple answer:

Rather than getting a few answers of one or other, Emily got a reply from Aldi, clarifying that it was in fact them:

And then Emily got a whole lot more than she bargained for, as a beautifully British Twitter war began to unfold:

Twitter, clearly enjoying the feud unfold, then began to coax other supermarkets, which lead to even more hilarity:

Waitrose thought it had won the last word, until M&S dealt this savage blow:

And meanwhile, Aldi and Lidl continued to go at it:

And whilst the fight seemed to reach it's pinnacle, the two supermarkets decided it was time to call it quits:

Seems like Aldi and Lidl have it all, cheap alcohol, low prices and top quality banter.